We give a fork..

The Wolf and I give a fork!

The Wolf and I proudly announce that we have teamed up with Sustainable Table and their give a fork campaign for April. Sustainable Table is an environmental non-for profit group that is trying to change the way we view environmental issues. Their latest campaign is trying to change how we look at food! Did you know that animal farming and food manufacturing consumes more energy then home energy or transport combined! So what Give a Fork is doing is getting restaurants involved by creating a sustainable meal as an option for the public to purchase and some of the proceeds will go towards them and help them make this world a better place!

What you can do?

Show us that you care and opt for the sustainable option come dinner time! Don’t forget to snap a fun or foodie pic of your meal and post it on social media! Also tag @thewolfandiwindsor @sustainabletable #giveafork #grexy and you could win some cool prizes!