Mrs Wolf opening night

Mrs Wolf opened her doors at 9pm on the 30th April! This much anticipated event was one to remember! The venue was packed and the vibe strong! People continued to flutter up the stairs and through the venue! Everyone was excited to be there and to see what the venue had to offer. The Library is the first room people cross paths with. The walls are covered in encyclopaedias, deer heads mounted on the wall and candles giving a golden glow to this old world room. It’s the perfect place to solve the world’s problems one Scotch at time.

Across from the Library you’ll find the bar where our Mrs Wolf staff are shaking, mixing and pouring concoctions of your favourite drinks! Make sure you try our amaretto sour; it will knock your socks off! Once you have your drinks make your way into the main lounge where one renounced DJ’s are mixing and the people boogying! Don’t forget to take in each detail of the room! Our vintage décor and extraordinary chandeliers make this room one to talk about! Don’t forget about our smoking terrace where you can take your drinks and relax in the cool air. Follow the sign located in front of the staircase and find the courtyard!

A big thank you to our Dj’s Neil Thorogood, Fergus, Luke MCG, Chris NG and the New York Underground and of course our staff and supporters! Make sure you check out our promo video!